Why I Made Unicornland

Writer / Creator LUCY GILLESPIE:

"At 27, I got divorced. I'd spent my twenties scrambling to check "marriage" off my to-do list, with no idea why. And in my urgent rush to find a partner for the game of musical marriage chairs, I had completely overlooked several critical stages of growing up. I had no idea what I actually wanted out of life, love, or in bed. 

In the years that followed, I was determined to catch up on all the lessons I'd skipped. Living in New York, I stumbled into the sex-positive community. Wide-eyed, eager and totally naive, I leapt in headfirst. 

I met lovers and madmen, was hurt and healed, saw bright nights and dark days, and learned that love does not come one-size-fits all. Unicornland is a love song to the New York sex-positive scene. A gentle introduction to the most everyday of exaltations--love in an unlikely form."

Unlike most stories about female promiscuity, Unicornland is about intimacy. It asks the question every dating app claims to solve: what does a healthy, happy relationship look like in 2017?

And how can I have one?